King Khali Lyrics by KHALIGRAPH JONES

Am the king, am the king, am the king
Haha hahaha
Ladies and gentlemen you now rocking with the best
The one and only Khaligraph Jones
The one and only King
Hii taji nilipewa before nipate kipande
King ni mmoja hao wengine maclande
Am the king, am the king, am the king

It's now the days hakuna msee natoa rangi
Am back to the game ama hizo vibare zitambe
Hiyo ndiyo debate imechacha nani ndiyo king kwa scene ya Kenya
And watch the throne if you claiming hii ndiyo title hauwezi defend
I was crowned by the streets, we umechochwa na some of your friends
I will be damned if these rappers ever rap the way that I do coz if you listen to my music manze yu hukaa ni dejavu'
Is he over, is he bigi hizo sauti si zinafanana
Mimi ni Jones, papa Jones so kunifikia si mtangangana
The minute I drop this jam utasikia eti Khali anapenda kubeef
But all of these niggas my friends but lazima wajue ni nani ndiyo beast
My aim ni kutengeneza pesa so now I be bringing the scene
The king cam only be me coz all you rappers is weak
I just sit top in that throne just two years and am known
What these rappers talking I snap and they can only wish that they can be my clones
Naleta light, nuru, mi ni hype guru
Shaka Khali man, am like Zulu
Mi na mic ni Uhuru na Waiguru
Haunijui in the net then type google, ukitype Google then type papa
All those niggas don't rhyme proper
Coz I rhyme proper with the mic and the knife I rap nice coz I got this ripe offer
So as much as I like you niggas lakini lazima mkubali
That there can be only one king and yes that king Is khali
A king is a person I wanted to be and yes nimeshaconquer
But you in the other hand is like Vera ukisaka sponsor
Coz you try too much to convince the people that you really calling
But it's sad you getting bonded by a nigga from Kayole hahhahahahahah

About King Khali

Album : King Khali (Single)
Release Year : 2015
Copyright : ©2015
Added By : Trendy Sushi
Published : Feb 19 , 2020



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