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Khalicartel 1 Lyrics

Khalicartel 1 Lyrics by KHALIGRAPH JONES

Young killer still holding the belt, I'm undefeated
Oh you thought you bad like Mike, you can't beat it
I got everything they want, yup, I'm what the game needed
Only way you catching up is in the plane seated
Got the city on my back like I owe taxes
I've been dreaming so long, I got a old mattress
Half of y'all screaming real just some strong actors
Tryna make it to the top with the wrong address
Shawty so wet ana flood River Road
Shawty thick akicome kuna jam Thika Road
Nikishikashika shawty anawika poa kisha najitoa
Tuma text nimefika poa
Haya bas wacha nireverse, wacha nirudi kaz wacha nirudi verse wacha nirudi bars au sio
Wacha warehearse, wacha wadiscuss, wacha wa-adjust
Mi sinanga noma wacha waji-jazz
Big shoes to fill and I gotta go fill 'em
Y'all couldn't walk a mile in my old Filas
Tryna get a nigga back in his old feelings
But a nigga got goals and a couple gold diggers
Pressure don't phase me
Pesa don't change me
I can go a lil crazy but that's the on-stage me
I don't need a gold chain, can't nobody chain me, contain me and can't nobody tame me for real
Now if dey want more, I got more fire
Dat amazing and blazing that more fire
Like a bonfire, like I'm on fire
Ukinitaka utanipata na ma Yeah

Locked him up and I'm praying they let my dude home
Outside trappin', they ain't coming back till the food gone
If you tryna hate then go type it up under my new song
I ain't tryna go to the same places that you goin'
Niggas gon' hate you no matter how much you do for 'em
Promise you April am hopping up in that new foreign
Timmy my budd' ain't nothin' I won't do for him
Keep it one hunnid, I fire back and shoot for him
I don't care you decide either you or your man's gone
I don't like water but really I need my chain frozen
Blow about a quarter and pass it, if it's me smokin
Homie got the strap long range with the beam focused
Cocaine powder with baking soda the catalyst
Coke game Prada I fill my hands 

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Album : Khalicartel 1 (Single)
Release Year : 2018
Copyright : ©2018
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Published : Feb 19 , 2020



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