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Go Tell Your Daddy & He's the Greatest Lyrics

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Go Tell Your Daddy & He's the Greatest Lyrics by KAO DENERO

Yeah bring it up lil son
Kao Denero beiby, Sierra Leone we here

Go tell your dad I'm not to be fuck with them awkwards
Steady moving forward niggas are trembling and shake
Anytime I talk a word
Go tell your daddy is small afraid on me
Who gave you the audacity to hit and try battle with me
Glue nigga you still dey swalloe bobby
You probably still living with your mum's though
Grown man business who invited you to this convo
Such a bladclat Kao & Rudeboy you don't know

Suspect me, eyo please I gon reply yah
I got the fire I'm the lyrical pedifire
Coz I damage kids I split you with 
I'm not the ocean evil, crimes and losses doing so big

Go tell your dad Kao fuckn up the rap scene
Therefore hard to act scene
I brong the action
How can you beat me with an accent?

Funny nigga down for real
Yeah you fake Michael Blackson
Go tell your dad, your mum
Tracy is feeling me

Pretenders in the boot you not real to me
Stop the nurses Charley 
Africa still they feel a G
Go tell your dad Kao whipping with 12 lasses...

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About Go Tell Your Daddy & He's the Greatest

Album : Go Tell Your Daddy & He's the Greatest
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 21 , 2020

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