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Kenyatta (Khaligraph Jones Diss) Lyrics

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Kenyatta (Khaligraph Jones Diss) Lyrics by KAO DENERO

The OG shall be disrespected haha
This ain't about views and likes men
This is about bars

Respond at your own risk(Straight up)
Kao Denero beiby

Sierra Leone stand up
Talk to these niggas
(So special)

Screw Khaligraph Jones, Sarkodie and MI
Niggas ain't the best from Africa these rappers too loud
I bring the heat summertime like its July
Kao Denero the reverend this ain't the new guy
I pack stadiums where am from
The lyrical general am like an alien son
Nobody taught the - still maybe am gone

Screw the longetivity the streets still they feel a G
Lyrical ability, street come easy to me
Blaqbones sit back dogs let me help you out
Lemmi expose Khaligraph Jones turning to Mickey Mouse

Kao not non of these rappers mentions speak about
Am like a landlord, bro move I kick you out
Lets get to it
Leave the young boy alone and watch the best do it
Its when you won gun salute like put your chest to it
You scared to meet your master 
Bitch you in swahili maybe then you get to answer faster

I'll be in Nairobi anytime dawgs or meet me in Mombasa
Pick up your phones start calling up your pastor
BS through your raps in every paragraph settle for lies
You need to take a barligraph

I ain't speaking to no other rapper but you Khaligraph
I was tryna ignore but these nigga really asked for it
The bullshit I woun't you got you shouldn't really brag for it
Cz you and I know, you probably drop the bag for it
That's the only way possible that I saw it

I heard your ex died of AIDs dawg you probably got it
I see you more sold up straight sissy you ain't about it
Face Kao Denero lyrically fame I doubted
Am from the land of ex rebels strong survive

Sierra Leone where we leave no--
Ah, I cannot stop you
You tryna be Fifty but you slacking
Just know he is so corky, original no copy 
Leaving line behind bars dawg build gatsby
Put him in the category only where Nas be
The boy is too nasty

Am from a small Nation, 7 million people
Bar for bar screw the views we are not equal
Am waiting for any trash response dawg
And watch the sequel

Fuck out of here y'all niggas can't see dawg
All these rappers with trash raps you run in the mouth
See in em' see like Kao Denero they run in they house
They got no clue idea what this king is about
Greatness, I keep it real no time for fakeness

Trash rap, -  run in the mouth
See in em' see like Kao Denero they run in they house
They got no clue idea what this king is about
Greatness, I keep it real no time for fakeness

Let's take it back to the days of Canibus --
Am swagged up to this comotion niggas call me hero
Kao Denero been on top for years soon he will excel
This ain't no publicity stunt I got the publicity you wanna applause
That the shit just began-
Living --am running every article
Leave your fans mad at you coz you my pussy
Do not push me got him gasping for breath 
But not --

Any rappers from Ghanna to Kenya who wanna try me out
Keep sleeping till I bring the Grammies out
I be at your grannies house, you mad homos
Time to lift your penis up
You picking fights with a thunder wave 
Mediocre rappers like Blaqbonez stride to sober rappers
You smack hoes the jix is up
You're bitch a hoe every night looking for a dick to suck
I spit you fuck, Black Leo the team here to fix you up

Kao Denero alias Jomo Kenyatta
Any nigga tryna reinforce disaster 
Killing whack dudes FreeTown to Kinshasa
Am Thibo Mutasha, swagless niggas while am flying Lufthansa
Am here to make my people proud yo, ask about me
I be repping crowds yo, just rap top of the world so
Your flow is average delivery is so and so
Your swag is too old fam you looking like Coolio

I probably drop a -- before it hit the studio
Truly though never fuck with this king
I always come up on top, that's you below
Screw all the critics, if you not rigid rock stone
Shut your mouth dog, watch the movie eat your popcorn
Hit you with 5 shots make you get your pack on
Nigga you are not strong 
Stop acting tough Khaligraph Jones men
You rock thongs (warrup)

Eyoo it's like this yeah
I wonder why this niggas act like they never heard of me
The doctor is here yoh, eyoo it's time for the surgery
Non of these Mcees can ever murder me 

Eyoo Vector, Vector, lame ass rapper you next yo
These fool's songs really got the vex yo 
Fuck out of here, old style your shit is VCO
Career want's some life support the video gave it a CPO
With a childless menopause how can you beat me out(How?)

I'm from the era where we smack rappers 
Am cool with the back packers 
Shout out to Mode 9, they used to laugh fuckers
But I went in with mad practice
Now I circulate with mad tactics
Sierra Leone we back at this

Yo pussy, I smell mad cat fish
I maka a whack rapper back flip
Kill 'em  with one line
I said one line, thats it
Tell the critics to bring the casket
How many awards can this cash get?

Rest to Peace to Big O, greatest of all time
Am on a mission to kill em all, with more line
You better have B in Burna Boy
I bring the Burna's Boy heat wave no joke with the burner boy

I leave a mall flat in the pavement 
I leave you faceless
Wondering for real where your face went
Burry you all whack trash rappers on the ground basement
I spit fire outta my mouth, your shit is tasteless
Flow jo, your namesis I got the more jo
Kao Denero cypher is the new GOAT
Respect the lion from the mountain thats the logo
Average, cannot be typa rapper
Long flows typa rapper
My career behind tight bars like a lifer 
You niggas can't see FUCK!

Stop sleeping on Sierra Leone you know men, word up
All these rappers with trash raps you run in the mouth
See in em' see like Kao Denero they run in they house
They got no clue idea what this king is about
Greatness, I keep it real no time for fakeness

Trash rap, uh running they mouth
See in em' see like Kao Denero they run in they house
They got no clue idea what this king is about
Greatness, I keep it real no time for fakeness

You know men, say am Afrobeat
Well it takes an afrobeat rapper to massive y'all niggas
Hahaha, we've been packing stadiums 
I know it's a numbers game, bars for bars
Skill for skills, flow for flow

These niggas can't see me men
They Stevie Wonder to me men
You feel me, Black Leo stand up
2020 is our year, you dig am saying

Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria
Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone
Taking over, it's the new king 
Kao Denero

Respond at your own risk
Am not clout chasing non of that
I let you the fans be the judges
And all you Sierra Leonians 
That wanna come at me
Change your passport men 

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About Kenyatta (Khaligraph Jones Diss)

Album : Kenyatta (Khaligraph Jones Diss) (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 24 , 2020

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Comments ( 2 )

4555 2020-01-27 22:58:02

Sierra Leone stand up

EQUALIZER PAUL 2020-02-14 14:01:54

KAO is indeed a great rapper, his lines are too hard and spit real hard core rap. do more of this Kao, u got ur fans base here in Kenya( Black Leo 4 life)

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