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Ndikhokhele, Ndikhokhele 
Ndikhokhele, Ndikhokhele
Ndikhokhele, Ndikhokhele 
Ndikhokhele, Ndikhokhele 

Heavenly father I'm truly thankful for the love
The knowledge, the wisdom and courage
Hallowed be thy name glory to the King 
For keeping my soul so safe

God has a plan for every human
Or animal living on the earth
One of life's great gifts God gave 
Was a gift to create life

Sibongile baba for lonke uthando 
Lwakho nokungi dala ngesifaniso sakho
Inhliziyo yami yonke impilo yam
Ise zandleni zomdali wam
Inhliziyo yami yonke impilo yam 
Ise zandleni zomdali wam
Eeeish! Let's take 'em to church
(Ngse sontweni Baba)

[Blaq Diamond - South Africa]
Ndikhokhele bawo (Zundi khokhele)
Ndikhokhele mmeli wami (Ezinzizini)
Zalo mhlaba bawo
Bawo Bawo (Oh Bawo)
Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba usandigcinile
(Yiba nami Baba)

Undikhokhele Baba (Zundikhokhele)
Ndikhokhele mama 
Ngbe mno n'ime nsogbu (Ezinsizini)
You no let them laugh at me o 
Oluwa Chineke o (Bawo Bawo)
Nobody feel me like you o
Nobody wey a go take the pain 
(Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba usandigcinile)
Na you dey ginger, ginger o

And everything negative
That I ever done in the past
Didn't think that I would last
Always caught up in my dark past

Never had an understanding of what love means
Only God worked for my mamma Jackie
Daddy and my family scars hurt never look back
Put my candle out, blow my candle out

And then there you were Mr dark 
In the day 'til the day come
Imma run my pumps together
Head down every day like no way

Would I ever get caught up 
With the tricks tsa lefatshe
Nkosi yami ngcela ungangbhekiseli phansi
I need your guidance in this wildness

Uzundikhokhele bawo (Zundi khokhele)
Uzundikhokhele bawo 
Ndikhokhele meli wam (Ezinsizini)
Ezinzizini zalo mhlaba bawo (Bawo Bawo)

Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba usandigcinile
Uzundi khokhele bawo (Zundi khokhele)
Uzundi khokhele bawo 

[Lebo Sekgobela- South Africa]
Ke wena feela ramasedi wa Roma (Ezinsizini)
Ke betsa wena morena (Bawo bawo)
Bawo morena, ramasedi heee 
Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba usandigcinile
Oooh o re bolokile 

Heavenly father forgive me for my sins
All of the wrongs the evil lil things
The pain I've caused every living being
Show me the light so I can really glow
Give me the knowledge so that I can really grow

Guide me to positivity, help me live a legacy
Every body I take must be holy and most healthy
Bophelo bo matla Morenaka kopa thuso le matla ramasedi hle
Praise to G-O-D guiding everybody to the land
Those who trust in He will forever see the promise land

[Dr Rebecca Malope]
Wenu undithandile (Bawo bawo)
We Jesu (Bawo bawo)
Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba (Usandigcinile)
Ngyabonga Baba, ngyabonga somadla (Hlalu hlezi duze kwami)
We Jeeesuu, we Jeee (Bawo Bawo)
Ngiyabonga ngoba wena
Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba wena usandigcinile

Uzundi khokhele bawo (Zundi khokhele)
Uzundi khokhele bawo
Ndikhokhele meli wam (Ezinsizini)
Ndikhokhele meli wam
Zalo mhlaba bawo (Bawo Bawo)
Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba usandigcinile

[Rev Benjamin Dube)
Bawo ndikhokhele bawo (Zundikhokhele)
Ndiyakwethemba wena Baba (Ezinsizini)
Noma sizezinsizini (Bawo bawo)
Oh siyabonga, siyabonga Baba
Bawo ndiyabonga ngoba usandigcinile

[Mlindo The Vocalist]
Kumnandi ukugcinwa nguwe (Gcinwa nguwe)
Ukuzinza kuwe
Kumnandi ukugcinwa nguwe (Zinza kuwe)
Nokunzinza kuwe
Kumnandi ukugcinwa nguwe (Gcinwa nguwe)
Ukuzinza kuwe
Kumnandi ukugcinwa nguwe (Zinza kuwe)
Nokuzinza kuwe (Bawoo..)

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About Ndikhokhele Remake

Album : Ndikhokhele Remake (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020 Rare Breed Entertainment.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Nov 03 , 2020

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