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Cold Lyrics

Cold Lyrics by JOEY B

Yeah streets y3 cold, streets y3 cold
Wah we go eat onl God knows
Obrefuo biaa w) dreams
Day be de state boys for blow

We all dey chase the cheese
And the peace that's the roster
Roast (Shoot)
Anyway, no label I did it
When you hear crep say roof
That's cos we're in the ceiling
We no dey kiss no dealings
Mpaebo a no be healing
Gyae ntoatoa me wo gyimii
Niggas all stopping de feelings

Too many enemies gotta watch your back
Coz too many frenemies
If I leave this world I go to Mars
Mene me pn mene me boss
We go blend we go no buzz
For the ruler we de shoot for the stars
Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot...

Already the beat go skrrrt
Nobody know obede commin kill it
S3 nyame b) nab3n sei prrr
Mo nyinaa go be in your fillin
Mesore na me phone no gye krrr
Who's on the line, talk fast I'm chilling
Masore meda beach house
Na mewe me lobster dripping in ma all white linen

First of me mate be nyinaa
But I just relax and choke
Yese mete peace FM, sorry mantie
Na monitor me cash in stocks
S3 mede mo ka mpo a
Ny3 radio so police barracks and court
S3 moka masem na mo ante
Me nka a ny3s3 ebia mesuro
You don't deserve the back and forth

I keep all the shit on you niggas
And you that we gone
Keep on dey live on Ohemaa
Come and get your freak on
C'mon obi nkyer3 me how many rappers
A obede pull down
And we don't cheat on the game
We just keep the heat on
Omese manyini dodo me park
Buh mehw3 a menhu me sizes

S3 yete me voice a na boys ho po
Mey3 rap mu ISIS
Obede Bahia wanyini aduro Yi
How the fuck say you dey rap like this
Errrh I guess ebe mid life crisis

About Cold

Album : Cold (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Dec 22 , 2020

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