Eh Oh Ah Lyrics


Eh Oh Ah Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
This one na for the girls wey sabi o
For the African ladies you know
Slow whine slow whine
Take it down, take it down
Bring it up, bring it up

Ibadi yen lo pe mi o
Oni ki n wa ro
Owo nbe la po mi o
Ki lo tun fe so gan
Awon nigga gan mo mi o
Won lawon fe soko
Original pammy o
Your forming now for me o
See your body o
I want to de be o
No strong bodi o
Eh oh ah, Eh oh ah
Ropopo po po po po
Eh oh ah

Out of all the brother you I choose
Scobby dooby doo I just they cruise
Make you no go think I no go fit do better
Omo me and you meta
Omo control the pa
Ye tira ma ni mo ti japa
Ileke iidi ma lo ja ye
Ileke idi ma lo japa
See how many rounds you go go I dey
How many rounds you go taya
How many rounds mr bragado
Sexy mama see my body o
Won tun de be
I no strong body o

Eh oh ah, Eh oh ah
Elele si elele
Eh oh ah
A je a je a je a jeje je je
A je a je a je a jeje je je

Dem dem want dem want this shuga
Saint Louis,Saint Louis shuga
Money plenty e plenty adenuga (nuga)
Omo dun Omo fresh Aje butter
So fun mi se ororo ni e (kilode)
Elepo ni won (kiloso)
Oni ororo ni won o jare, elepo ni won
Jen debe debe die for you
That’s why me wan debe debe
Dem wan die for you

Shutdown king jaybreeze
Mastero shuga
Number 1 african bad girl you know
SDK to the world

JAYBREEZE (1 lyric)

Jaybreeze, he is a hip hop dancer, actor, and singer..(working on gettin better with the singing) he loves working on his craft. just started with using youtube not too long ago... He always liked to dance! he pop, lock, B-Boy, wave, Tutt, he know how to salsa as well and some ballroom! AND he...

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