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Love Riddim Lyrics

Love Riddim Lyrics by IYZEEK

Am feeling you my queen
Can’t get enough of this

All i want is your loving
Shey you dey gbadun the boy
Every minute i dey call your phone
Cuz i gat you for mind

Girl you know, yeah you know
You’re the only one for me
And am thanking God for you
i go show you love for real

The way you move
Am feeling it
This kind of love
Am feeling it
All that you do, the way you move, this kind of love
Am feeling it

Girl I don’t want to loose you
Say na You wey dey gimme vibes
you wey dey ease my mind
You dey ease my stress
Get me off my tense

I love you, I need you
You’re the one that am loving
You’re one that am needing

Girl i give you my body and soul
Do what like with it, Do what you want with it
I know you’re down for me

I’ll spend all of my time with you
You are my company, you gimme company
With you i feel so real

We’ll ride harder till the wheel stops
Like you are my own till my life’s gone
Girlie even in the dark, you’re my sunshine
Above my million plans, you’re my first plan
Like i said, you are the best, You’re killing me with finesse
Counting down to al the girls I’ve met, You’re a different
In a big space, with a reset, got my eye set on you, no be play

I can’t get enough of this
Am feeling you my queen

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About Love Riddim

Album : Love Riddim (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Ugochi
Published : Feb 02 , 2021

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