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Tired Lyrics by BRAINEE

it’s Onetime Baby
Brainee Baby, Yah

See, Sometimes I dey tire to dey act nice
Alapomeji gan don tire to dey act nice
Ben talk say many nigga don dey disguise
Him dey call some people the evil spirit in disguise
Well I get why, but that no long story
I no come here to yarn you any long story
I for like to yarn una one long tori
I go scissors am, make I turn am to one short story
Hmm, you see the yarns for my dm
No pass hello from babes wey want make I see them
E no pass billing from guys wey wan make I give them
Money wey I no get or time wey I no get
Everyone asking for favors
No one doing me favors
No one asking Baba mi, how you coping in Lagos ?
I know shows no too dey, how you coping with neighbours?
Many things dey sup around, only Jesus can save us
But I gazz chill and I gazz act cool
I gazz push ahead and my fire can’t cool
I gazz find money and I gazz find food
I gazz write songs and I just gazz do
Many things to make sure that I’m the one they still calling
Many move to make sure that I’m the one who’s still buzzing
No be say na pressure
But na pressure Lowkey
Because na person wey be person dem dey call to hold key

See, you know say you no fit call stupid person
Make e help you hold the key for your house na
Because one day
Him fit just wake up carry your key throw inside well
And all won’t be well
Because even inside the well
It is well

Yah, it’s onetime baby
Brainee baby
And I’m out baby

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About Tired

Album : Yaba State Of Mind (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Feb 18 , 2022

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