Mi Na We Lyrics by FRIDA AMANI

Nah nah nah
Nibebe nikubebe

We met mtaani wakati natoka dukani
Heyoo can I get your number? I said fine
Akaanza nitext kiutani
Talk about my music girl I'm yo fan 
Doing really good na unaua kinoma yaani
I like your attitude but your sound tough, are you?
I played cool, I said little he said fine

Naweza toka nawe out sometime tukanywe coffee
Or hard liquour if you can hold it
I told him I don't do liquour I do coffee but 
Am tired, you said you its okey 
We can get to know each other 
Through the phone if you want it

What you like? Gotta told the music
You said you know that what else? Movies
I had a little bit of soccer, he said really?
I said blues for life, 
Then akanipa story alitaka kuwa footballer
But that failed so now ni car dealer and am down like 

Oooh when I need, mi na we
Milele milele milele
When I need, mi na we
Nibebe nikubebe

Hazikupita siku nyingi I started falling in love
I knew, coz nilikuwa namwaza kila muda
Akinitext my heart inajump like fuck, huyu buda
Sometimes I play hard to get navunga kidogo
So he can call me and tell me habari za muda
That was his fault he was lame but I liked it
And had this energy about him sijawahi kuona hakuna popote

Nilianza mpenda and I was deep kabla hata ya first date
Then ikahappen first date and I was down kwa chochote
Damn I woun't talk about the night but it was beautiful
Alikuwa gentlemen and he made me feel so beautiful

Ooooh when I need, mi na we
Milele milele milele
When I need, mi na we
Nibebe nikubebe

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About Mi Na We

Album : Mi Na We (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 23 , 2020


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