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Yeah yeah y’all
Is it because I’m black
Maybe because I got a nappy hair
Maybe because my chain is too expensive
Let’s be clear
Maybe because I pulled up in that black Mercedes over there
Maybe its the way I walk
Will there ever be an end
Black is beautiful, they never treat a nigga fear
Twisted in foot still we standing up when I grab a chair
I spend the cash before I grab a cheque
You can take my chain
But I’m never telling go of my respect

I’m not black I’m black it just a colour fool
Sick and tired of being treated like I’m a criminal
Going through security checks and people keep staring at me
I feel like some soup
The way them be stirring at me
Your mission is blured my mission is clear
You can never take away my pride I’m not leaving it here
You how dare you ask me if we use phones in Africa
2no we use bananas
I mean what the f**k is wrong with you

Sometimes I can’t believe my ears
I think it never going to end
Its been how many years
Like Kunta Kintail my name will forever remain the same
You hate me cos I’m original
See we are not the same cos you hate my people
You hate togetherness
You never wanna see as win that why we keep our brothers on our shoulders like the violin
We stay together like bunch of keys
We stay together like desire and needs

When they see a black man in a black van, they wanna shot
When they see white man in a black mess, everything is cool
They never teach us cool
Keep your hands in the air if you are black the cops gonna shot
If you hate me cos of skin colour
You are no human been you belong to the zoo

I was in a car in Amsterdam
When the cop pulled us over, he asked of my managers passport
So he had to hand it over
He checked on the driving licence
Everything was clean
Four black boys in one Kia
He is already creating a scene
Four more BOLO ones pulled up
Few more cops showed up on a bike
It was like a crime scene, it looked like we murdered somebody
Oooh shhhit
Pablo took out his phone and started recording
That the shit they don’t like
They said he had no seat belt on; he pissed of the guy on the bike
They put handcuffs on my nigga
Real shit they locked him up just because we got black skin colour
The system is so f**ked up

That’s why the only place I call home is Ghana, West Africa
That’s why the only place I call home is Ghana, West Africa
Black is B E T
Black is M T V
Black is FREEDOM
Black is being who ever you wanna be
Black is 4syteTV
Black is sympathy
Black empathy
Now they wanna turn blacks against blacks with the media
Why can’t you see

Fu Fu fu** that
I’m a real life Ghana
Stand on the sun, every day is like summer
They wanna f**k me up and put a scale on my face like Tony Montana
Black star  ama proudly shine forever
Black is the language I preach

I wrote this on a a toilet in a plane
 You just heard a flying shit




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Album : I'm Not Blank I'm Black (Single)
Année de Sortie : 2019
Copyright : (C) 2019. AMG Beyond Kontrol
Ajouté par : Isaac
Published : Oct 03 , 2019

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