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It's all about this girl,The one I really love
Yeeeah Very cute classy girl
I really had to be the one
Napenda yeye

I told her money ain't the problem
I get to love you
Am gonna give you all my loving girl
Don't you hurt me girl

The way you do me
I wanna spend my money spend my money

Nairobian lover 
I wanna spend my money on Nairobian lover

Your beauty wanna kill me oooh
This love was on the market
I never spend biggie money
A billion is what you want
A million is want I can

She made vashy vaporate
Are you my baby kweli eti
Why you playing hard to get

How much I have baby that's all I have
Baby can you bear with me
Nielewe mi aaaaah

Do you really love me or you love my Doo

The way you do me I wanna spend my money spend my money
Nairobian lover
I wanna spend my money on Nairobian love



A Propos de "Nairobian lover"

Album : Nairobian lover (Single)
Année de Sortie : 2018
Copyright : ©2018
Ajouté par : Trendy Sushi
Published : Feb 26 , 2020

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