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I No Wear Pant Lyrics

I No Wear Pant Lyrics by ERIGGA

Who dae hold my lighter now
Boy where you
No dae take pass one drag oo
Wetin be your problem
You wan kolo
You wan put me for trouble
Put me for ground

I no wear pant no naked me
I no wear pant put me for ground
I no wear pant no naked me
I no wear pant put me for ground

He pick shirt, he zip bag
He pick shoe, he call cap
Through earpiece he contact
Enter lag control loud
The iphone go need charge
Pola hard e need charge
E girlfriend want to try
She dump am this one loud

Ashawo show the girl bad
Poco wan fuck she wear pad
E provoke slap slap am
Police come handcuff am
Where e dae go na ghana
No be so na e plan am
So spoil me just to nana
Spoil am e never hammer

E say no shaking oh oh
Shey na because of toetoe
You dae fool your fellow your guy man
Dae push me enter motor
You see the strength wae beat me
Go wash my car tomorrow
I sabi swim no fear

I no go try am inside my house
Guys to bail am
Dey shock am, dae fail am
E look the gold e weigh am
Call aboki e hail am
The hk where e dae go
Na e classmate na e get am
You fit say e go easy
Seniour boy don dae pet am
Sheba throway

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About I No Wear Pant

Album : Before The Chaos (EP)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 18 , 2021

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