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Don't Die Alive Lyrics

Don't Die Alive Lyrics by ERIGGA

Life is hard cover my back
Things are scarce DDA
Politicians ten billions
Runaway DDA
I don dae drive catching cruise
Up on this street DDA

I cannot die o, I don buy gun
Extra live DDA
DDA DDA, don’t die alive DDA
DDA DDA, don’t die alive DDA

Person wae no earn money for life, no go fit boast
Stephen wae no get money for data, no fit post
Siblings wae get money na e his family dae host
You no go beg dem my brother ehnn, people dae roast

Toto meat na problem
Na em make some boys dae broke
I dae jam dem for alley
I dae buy them bread and coke
I dae see am e dae hard them
I no go like joke
Hunger don dae hook dem mouth
Dem don take money for club

You began to dae talk who be dat plug
Fuck the street up people got time to club
No go lie, I sure say e was neva a blood
Call on god, I no sure say my network dae go
No fold your arms na the country
Na e dae spoil dae go

I go like if my two pikin USA pali
Make dem go dance and go enjoy sharpali
They taught say we no go dae here
Hundred years to come never for me
Na why I always dae wait my turn
Maybe na when the world don end
Our sense go come

So you for don arrange things
All the men move on
Abi girls too
No be all of you like money
They want your lip
Hide their girls

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About Don't Die Alive

Album : Before The Chaos (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 18 , 2021

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