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Revolutionary Lyrics

Revolutionary Lyrics by EMTEE

Ayy, this one for the youth dem (Hustle)
You know? (Hustle)
(Oh yes sir!)

Say no to depression yeah
No more stressing yeah
Living is a blessing yeah
Taught me lessons yeah
When I step in yeah
You can see it in my face I fear nobody ayy
Vele vee a ke letshabe ayy
Long live sitha sami ayy
Lizofika e lami ayy
Told mama "Unga worry ayy"
Lento ndiyenzel' usapho lwami ayy
Phakamisa intwana zami ayy
Ndingalibali ne lali ayy
Na ma hater wami ayy
(Wassup? Ayy)
Everyday I prove them wrong
Everyday I make a new song
I don't care what you on
They know who put them on
I'm a revolutionary so, they been trying to silence me
On my mama I never had to go buy a beat
You not a OG, you just a prodigy
I'm a boss man, who gonna fire me?
Nobody, you a shooter with no bodies
Yeah I see that you rapping but I'm getting more money, ayy, ayy

First of I'd like to thank the All Mighty for my... (For my sons)
Two boys, you know
(Avery and Logan)
I had to do it for Logan this time (Logan)

Seen it all, done it all, flip money like somersault
They wonder where it's coming from
I'm not a fraud I pray to God
I stay prayed up ayy, when I wake up, ayy
Plenty snakes out there, I stay safe out here
You want me in a cut
I need a milli plus
Put fam and 'em in the bus
Shooters with plenty guns
You know they envy us
Don't do this shit just because
I put in a lot of love
They hoping I fuck it up
Yeah I see 'em
All mad they can't be him
Duckin' when they see him
Who told 'em I need 'em? I'm a hustler
For the money bitch I'm vegan
I'm boppin' and weaving
I'm with all the beef here
I hustle while you sleepin'
I'm cooking what you eatin'
Get beat up just for tweetin'
I pray I never be them

Bheka la mfana wami ayy
Nibo hlonipha igama lami ayy, ayy
You were the party, nla kwe sami ayy
Nibo khuluma phambi kwami ayy, ayy
Aninga bangani bami ayy
Ndiyindoda andinesabi ayy
Why nicinga uk'ba azi thathi ayy?

Indoda ingawa namhlanje, k'sasa iphind' ivuke
Indoda ingawa namhlanje, k'sasa iphind' ivuke
Indoda ingawa namhlanje, k'sasa iphind' ivuke


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Album : Logan (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Apr 10 , 2021

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