Slow Down Lyrics by EMMA CHERUTO

Mwaka unaisha 
I’ve changed a lot 
But I still want you 

Looking forward to Christmas 
Saved up just to please ya 
I’d be damned if I couldn’t show you 

You know I need ya 
I don’t always say it so I’ll gift ya 
Shughuli huniziba 
But now the clock will stop when I kiss ya 

Taa tunazima 
Switch off your phone harakisha 
I wanna show you how I miss ya
Baby you’re my gift this Christmas 

Slow down 
Let me love you tonight 
And I’ll be loving you right
Slow down
Let me love you tonight

Slow down....

It’s getting close to midnight 
My fears are overthrown 
In this moment I have found a home 

And when the morning comes 
I know I won’t be  alone 
And I’m forever 
I’m indebted 
And I’m wrapped up in your arms I won’t regret it 

Let me love you tonight
And I’ll be loving you right 
Slow down
Let me love you tonight
And I'll be loving you right 

Slow down...

It’s you and I 
Let’s take our time 
Make some memories 
Throughout the night 
You are all mine 
Well go for centuries
Coz my heart is not a home without your love

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About Slow Down

Album : Slow Down (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 25 , 2021



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