Ameno Lyrics by EL CORIZO

Ladies and gentlemen
It's your favorite hype boy el fucking corizo
If music no blow me 
Make hyping blow me (not funny)

Exchanger pack money come make we spray
8 casket or Bellaire 
Na money dey waste and i no dey drink am
As i dey spend my woman dey deliver 
Where una dey see this money
Midnight you get mind go bath for river
Bury human without any organ
Dead body liver use pando take chop am
Am like throw way money for air make e rain 
Change the weather forecast 
You just dey save
If you die, your money them go chop am

Allow me drink 4 bottles 
I don't want to buy the bar 
Allow me drink 4 bottles 
I don't want to buy the bar 

Bros, na money you dey waste 
As you dey spend some of us just dey save
Tomorrow wey carry belle 
That same tomorrow na promise and fail
Can't be saving all this money
When people go chop am if i die
Allow me live my life it comes once 
Maybe yours come twice 
I got a lot in my head boy carry overload 
Picture my future, if no money i no go pose
In the land of the strong, can't be the weak
My guys dey spray 
My girlfriend na go dey pick
Plenty talk e don dey full basket 
Nobody die but waiter carry casket 
One bottle for the dj
Three bottle for the hype man

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About Ameno

Album : Dead Rose (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Farida
Published : Aug 19 , 2021

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