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Banger Lyrics by DRIPFACE

Oshe lopo plenty
Oshe opor lengthy
Mo fe fokii, let me
I'm lost can u direct me

Baby girl make we connect e
This ur big fat ass I wan collect e
I got btc in my wallet Ni
Tommorow night don't forget ee
Banger loso banger, banger steady banger, 
Bang ur sister banger, banger shalli banger
Credit alert krrrr banger, for my account Account banger.
Secure the bag, money come then we ball out, banger.
Drop one, Drop two cashou
My music dey cause blackout
Banger so hard then she start to shout
There call me dripface u can ask around ( woh.)
Moti 40 awon Ni mofoti, brokeness just result to nothing
I went up from nothing to something
You know my name you can call me shallipopi
Every music I drop is a bad one
I got cash decided to add on
Say I'm too proud so I decided to calm down
Awon Ni o, me o ray mofe count down
King of wakadan, black panther,
Drink dey oya shayo
One bottle of claro

About Banger

Album : Banger (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Dripface
Published : Feb 02 , 2021

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