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Super Gremlin (Freestyle) Lyrics

Super Gremlin (Freestyle) Lyrics by DAX

I got a soda addiction I pop out on every beat
So many bars in my head is the reason I’m dropping a song every couple of weeks
This ain’t a hobby I’m feeding my family I
Stay out but I keep the receipts
I’m paying taxes that double your salary
I could be flexing but that’s for the sheep
I’m at the top of the game independent they ain’t gotta say it we already know it
I just went gold by myself I was too busy working said f*ck it and didn’t even post it
People be thinking I need the promotion
Fck is you on?
What is you smoking?

I see them speak and I laugh then 
I get in the lab because hate it a wasted emotion
fcck it I’m busting it wide open
Dax comin for everything
Straight to the top of game
People be saying that I’m broken
F*ck you I’m devoted
To break the simplistic notion
That everyday struggle ain’t the constant motion to evolve 
And become what they deem as chosen 
In a world the elites have woven 
I rip through seams of the matrix and then expose them
I was never the one fcked around and got baptized
As a child on welfare never was mad fly
Same jeans to school everyday they’d ask why
So I’d hide to my demise

Disguise the pain I felt inside
With an irrevocable lust to get high off success in life
From the hoop to a golden mic
And my pen with the ink I write
You niggas smoking on bath salts
Dax a put ya head to a**phalt
U faking so I’m taking the mask off
U better back off
I’m coming like a witch-my-craft and cast spells with the likes of Gandalf
You better handoff

It’s sweet dreams like it’s Marilyn Manson
You better bank on
Dax taking the gang on
I don’t ever lose I can’t
Cause I ain’t neva f*cking making a bad song
Because this super-stars enormous
It’s to big and bright they try but can’t ignore it
I got bars in space these ways my thoughts orbit
I’m connected on a level so vast you can’t explore it
Let alone even afford it

I’m putting on for my family and city
I’m out in Canada feeding the beavers I’m shoveling snow but I’m still getting litty
I finna ball when I’m on the mike (mic) just like a king they calling me bibby (mike bibby, sacremento kings)
I’m dropping double-digits on you niggas double barrell 
Shotgun with a couple titties bout to retarded 
Like I’m ren and stimpy
Btch I got that sticky icky icky icky
Fairly odd I parent beats I’m going crazy baby-they-get-sat I’m feeling like I’m Vicky
Matter fact I’m Timmy if you wanda (wanna) 
Rap wit me I’m in the cosmos 
On the milky way-swerving potholes if dis-count(this count) ii’m costco

I money heist like oslo
Saving lost souls
Spitting gospel
One of Jesus’s 12 apostles
I spit so hostile
Have you turn to Christ and contemplate ya life when dax get to painting pictures like he pica**o
It shouldn’t be possible
Every single song I make is just like a novel
They prey(pray) on me like they reading the bible
They tank-on-e and they downward spiral
Cuz these people so lost and they be worshipping idols
I pray for my enemies and their survival
To break those chains and the vicious cycle
They profit off death and the loss is vital and dax is the spark to the new revival

I’m taking the title
Married to the game and I’m a loyal disciple
Cut the fat, lipo
F*ck it I’m psycho
Micheal can’t guard me
I’m making plays in iso
I’ll retire right now and this sh*t intact
I talked to God on my knees and he answered me back
I said I’m done with the music and don’t want to rap
He said I had to continue and started to laugh
Cuz the (text muted) lurking and he’s on the attack
And Dax facts will exterminate cap
And relapse and then resurrect rap

I run track like Olympics my calisthenics make push-up and pull-up
In fact my fluorides (flow rides) 
You can’t sink me and that cause I get it right out the tap
A mental giant when I walk beats the baseline of the melody cracks
I slap gla.. when I dunk 
I’m alvin-with-the-chips-I-spit-like-a-monk
I’ve withdrawn from materialistic evils 
All the garbage they feed you is junk
I levitated
Stayed down and I meditated
God-fearing im a melanated truth speaker for a generation
Say it with me….
Its Dax!

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About Super Gremlin (Freestyle)

Album : Super Gremlin (Freestyle) (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jan 27 , 2022

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