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Book Of Revelations Lyrics

Book Of Revelations Lyrics by DAX

I can’t sleep
I keep thinking about this
What if with everything going on the world really is coming to an end?
Then what?

What if it isn’t a lie
What if we make it to heaven and don’t get inside
What if we get to gates...
And see god on the other side and he looks us in our face and says our whole 
Lives we’ve wasted time
What if we can’t go back
What if we can’t redo this life and get one second chance
What if our future happiness is memories of our past
While we burn forever haunted by the devils laughs (HAHAHAHAH)

Why do we push them away
And why do the ones we work to keep never actually stay
Why do we focus on tomorrow and forget about today 
And smile in everybody’s face and try and act like we’re okay
Why do we live this way
Why do we hate
Why do we we fight
Why do act like there’s time and got more than one life
Why, Why, WHY!
WHY!, Why

I’m older and looking for truth
I’m holding my faith in my hand but the pain in this world has been shaking it loose
I used to have so much to gain
Now I have so much much loose
They say I’m crazy for looking for answers
I say they’re crazy for not giving proof vision is blurred
I’m over concerned
I’m looking at God to see if life with him is something i’ve earned
The devils been watching he’s trynna recruit he’s been waiting at every turn
I’m driving this life on the highway to hell but I won’t burn
We know the difference
We know what is wrong and we know what is right
But Satan is strong God and most of your people are loosing the fight
So what if we fail
What if we can't escape his lies
What if can’t change, what if he still control our minds
Where do we run
Where do we go
Who do we talk to
We look around and everyone we see is lost too
What if life was just some test that we all do
What if you were busy when we called you

What if hell's on earth
What if being born is dying, and dying's birth
Would that mean life's not Gods gift but the devils curse
And to LIVE was to be EVIL cuz it’s words reversed
What if the devil entered a pastor and he lead a church
What if we looked for the truth but didn’t know where to search
What if the books they said to read had never been your words
What if we chose to follow you but we still had that urge
Will you forgive us for our sins and let us in your world

God we at the Gates
We couldn’t see, hear, or touch you but we had faith
We know we messed up we human and we make mistakes
So we just begging we get in and that you’ll have grace
What if we didn’t mean it
What if the place we grew up forgot to teach it
What if we never even got the chance to go and seek it
Then what, Then what....


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About Book Of Revelations

Album : Book Of Revelations (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Olivier charly
Published : Mar 05 , 2020

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