G.O Lyrics by DAVOLEE

So you want use this one open the mic yeah
So wetin I suppose do now? Make I just dey drop bazz
How you see am? Master

See see I know say I no get voice
I no dey for wizzy lane
But If I drop bazz for you shey lo ma da bi prison  break
And even if you be racist you no go fit under rate me
Because you only fuck  with does presented by an A-list
See defining me as an Oracle na under statement
No disrespect but no repeat  ama pa legend
Many many other things wey I for clarify
But mi o fe ma fi ado yin won le oju awon jerrycan
Cos agbon yin o l’omi inu so ariwo ye po
Awon mints  te fi shey menthol  gan shey awo trebbor
Shey won fi ran e abi o fi ran ara re regardless pada
 Omode ton so fun l’oruka egbe e lo ma fi ba ja
Won fe fun e ni oje mi gan
But they can’t detect the substance
I fuck quick ton duro ti kanra ti kanra
You can call me the G.O for the ogeees
Dats right
General overseer fun awon original gangsters

G .O, G.O, G.O
E ma lo shi na si o si o
E ma lo shi na si o si o

G.O G.O level up lori GOD
G.O G.O fo lenu pelu street OT

Gbogbo rose Ko ni flower ni bo le fi  si
Fo fo igi mo mi o ni choice
I don’t care what my ner worth am getting all my goals
I just do my thing won so fun mi pe Femi lo (…)
Shey e feel pe ori mi o pe , mo ni o gbe
Tori mi o she no give me o je ema lo fi jo o ke
Tori mi o ke  , ologbon ni oro le ye ori bi owe
But mo yi yi bi tyre mo yi bi awon crocodile
To ni bi fire ko funny bi apororo bayii
Abe je kan ti ba wa fe she nkan ba she e won wo bi epa a fe gbe boli jade
Even OG o le sare to OGG a to ke lonlon l’asha ti wo wiwi
Awon omo shaolin fe gbe oju soke wo master
Ni ilu tisha ara reporter le di Sara

G.O , G.O, G.O
E ma lo shi na si o si o
E ma lo shi na si o si o
G.O G.O level up lori G.OD
G.O G.O fo lenu pelu street OT

(…) ti mo drop yen dabi 2 tracks lori album awon ten bi dreamer
Fi oju pa mi ? Ki kun ba oju je boya Ko ni pada di oju to fi pa mi re
Then you are this levels ? mo le ni ki gbogbo yin pata kuku gstring
(...) lo shadow sho  pe 100  je kan mo pe o ni manana to ba te ebi mole
(...) bi enemies lo ota  po ju enemies toba kan wan ni kin kan pa Mo gbo ??
This table ba turn a affect chairman won draw jargons no respect for there fans
I pull my fans over me mo fi gbera bi helicopter
E ti come e ti so e gbona shey ti conquer
Team mi ba stroll ? wa te le , o le so shit si mi ki gbakam ma tele

G.O , G.O, G.O
E ma lo
G.O, G.O, G.O
G.O G.O level up to G.OD
G.O, G.O, G.O, fo lenu pelu street OT


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About G.O

Album : G.O (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Regee
Published : May 16 , 2020

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