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Accra Lyrics by D-BLACK

Growing scatters
Come on

Ah Accra we dey
The things we dey happen go boss your brain
2-o-8 nothing change
Four presidents nothing change
Hater deɛ normal thing
Accra we dey stay positive
Don’t fall in love the go chop your girl
Don’t make money you go lose your girl
Accra we dey packaging
Credit line amazing
Choose your choice fraud or die
Your boy will cheat I swear no lie
He still love you, smile and cry
Hustle dey everyday but still na time we popping spray
Hennessy and Don Picasso
Accra we dey, packaging
Girls will slay everyday
Buh nothing new, send me momo
Taking club washroom photos
Try say hi, them go wash you like omo
Accra we dey everyday
Every day be holiday, boom

Accra! What what
Accra! Yeah yeah
Accra everyday be holiday, swine
Accra! Yeah men
Accra! Everything be packaging

Accra we dey check your self
You talk too much you go fuck yourself
Watch and roll nowhere cool
Loyalty is something new
Accra we dey men be host
Knocking rich women for doe but nothing spoil
Money slow, anything to make that doe
Accra we dey
We dey hate our own
No support we dey kill our own
Curse our own and bless their  own
Buh fuck that shit thats fucking wrong
Accra we dey our women fine
Them bodies dey blow my mind
Their cooking too oh my God
GH women know their food
Accra we dey In this pain
If it rain kotie dey
You get loose Koti dey
Happiness in many ways
Accra we dey its packaging
You must survive to stay alive
Accra we dey open your eye
Shine your eye you be alright
Accra we dey we say mbaa flasks
Pumping bottles for hornys
Twist and bloom knocking shoe
Fall in love with abrokyerefuoɔ
Accra! What what
Accra! Yeah yeah
Accra everyday be holiday, swine
Accra! Yeah men
Accra! Everything be packaging

This is just a freestyle thing
Shout out to **
Yes boss Accra we dey

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About Accra

Album : Accra (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (C) 2019. Black Avenue Muzik
Added By : Beawull
Published : Dec 16 , 2019

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