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Tabasamu Langu Lyrics

Tabasamu Langu Lyrics by CHURCHILL SHOW

Mmmh mmmh mmmmh
If I could turn back the hands of time 
Believe every moment I spent with you 
I'd still want you here

So tell me now
What happened to forever
What happened to the days (Ooohh)
You said you'd leave me never now I'm in the days

Why'd you have to go
Why'd you have to leave me now
Had so much to say
We had so much to do (ohhhh)

Wewe ndiwe tabasamu langu
Wewe ndiwe Ng'ome yangu
Wewe ndiwe rafiki yangu
Wewe ndiwe Wewe ndiwe

Time can never erase your face
No No No No Nothing can never take you place
You are the fire deep inside of me
You are the strength that I need to succeed
You are the voice that speaks to me (eyeehee)

Asante kwa uzuri wako
Asante kwa mafundisho yako
Yote uliyo tenda yalikuwa mema

Wewe ndiwe (Wewe) tabasamu langu (Ni wewe)
Wewe ndiwe (Wewe) Ng'ome yangu (Ni wewe)
Wewe ndiwe (Wewe) rafiki yangu (Ni wewe)
Wewe ndiwe (Wewe) Wewe ndiwe (Wewe)

I'll never turn back the hands of time
So here's what I'll do
I'll make you proud
I'll make you smile
And do the things that you left behind
I wanna thank you for being my friend
For being us

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About Tabasamu Langu

Album : Tabasamu Langu (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 29 , 2020


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