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Couldn't Have Said It Better (Part.3) Lyrics

Couldn't Have Said It Better (Part.3) Lyrics by A- REECE

Somewhere in the east
I’m smoking exodus cheese
While i’m listening to 'rather you than me
But not the whole thing, there’s really one song stuck on repeat
Same one that comes on right after santorini greece
Any day of the week, i might be set to release
I got executives on the edge of their seats
Happy birthday to me
Decided to treat myself so i just bought this beat
So here’s to many more
Cut it off or pass the aux if it ain’t baby boy and black metaphor
They tried to cut him off and pass along
But couldn’t seem to kill the young bull
Like an amateur matador
Nigga fuck the meta verse
I just gotta say the word
They at your door in real life
We don’t do the back and forth
Have em’ niggas check you like phil knight
Used to have dreams that i could have it all
Now i’m checking off what i have so i can get some more
Now i finally got someone to thank
And that’s the lord
And to be frank
I’m thankful that my dad and mom
Fell in love and had sons
Now look at where we are
We just gotta carry on... Right?
It’s hard to keep score
You know they say that only losers check the scoreboard
Do you know how to teach a person to be self-taught?
Do you know how to lose a m and make it back dawg?
All i hear is capping in your rap songs
And yet they still tell you niggas hats off
They don’t see what’s on the other side of that cracked wall
You ain’t cut from that cloth,
You more like vicuña cause you mad soft
You ain’t running shit you just catwalk
Would you rather be a follower or be a vanguard
Nigga you just wanna be a rap star
And that’s the reason why you only made it that far
You should take notes daniel son
Took my shot, and1 (and won )
I don’t praise rap gods, i am one
Won’t stop, can’t stop
They don’t make em’ like me anymore nigga, deadstock
Working double shift like the caps lock
Can’t nobody see me like a stash spot
Couldn’t have said it better
Proudly reminiscing on my past endeavours
Like those decisions that i made when it was now or never
Yeah i promise we gon’ live forever
Finally 25 like an adele album
Yeah i’m feeling good as ever
Shit i’m actually feeling way better
They want me to prove what i’m worth
I tell em’ …
I’ll see you niggas on October 21st

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About Couldn't Have Said It Better (Part.3)

Album : Couldn't Have Said It Better (Part.3) (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Mar 29 , 2022

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