Death Lyrics by A- REECE

This shit gon' be the death of me
This shit gon' be the death of me
Couldn't see the lord was blessing me
This shit gon' be the

Giving more than what I get
That shit gon' be the death of me
Loyalty, respect
I swear this shit gon' be the death of me
Well it better be
Lately though I got a trust deficiency
It's like some of my friends mirror my enemies
When I would show you love
The more it had you thinking less of me
This big heart inside my chest
That shit gon' be the death of me
Shorty say if you don't rest
That shit gon' be the death of me
Told her if you got me then I got it
Leave the rest to me
Made sure we all ate
I would always say grace
But nigga had they eyes open staring at my plate
Contact number change
Moved to a bigger place
Every night that's something to celebrate
The better version of myself
That's what I hope I get to be
I gave this music shit my all
I give you what is left of me
Swear this shit gon' be the death of me
Only when I'm gone they'll understand just what it meant to me

I used to try to hide from my problems
Out here living a lie no Rihanna
In this life without a guide
Had no one to follow
Sacrificed all my todays
Focused on tomorrow
I was just tryna find a way to come up off the bottom
Tryna make a transformation like my name was Optimus
Look how far this rap can take you
Look how far it's gotten us
But I ain't tryna settle for this cause it's not enough
Cause I ain't come in one deep
It's a lot of us
So I can't say I'm up until me and my partners up
Nowadays it takes a little bit of skill
A lot of luck
Less about what you popping
More about where you popping up
It ain't too many options for us
No it's not enough
But life remembers those who made a way no matter what
So I'mma go and make a way no matter what
They used to laugh until they seen us racking up
I ain't going back for none

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About Death

Album : Deadlines (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Farida
Published : Nov 03 , 2022

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