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Loyalty Vs Honesty Lyrics


Loyalty Vs Honesty Lyrics by A-Q

I should remove the log from my eyes
Before the speck from yours
But when you look in the mirror what you checking for
And who am i to say that i’m expecting more
But that’s the price of leadership when respect is involved
And death is sure
How do you know whats right from wrong
Look inside like you said before
If your conscience is fine, then let’s be gone
But if you feel some sort of doubt, then let’s resolve
Blessings on, p.s don’t get me wrong
I’ve had my fair share of what i’m reflecting on
See, loyalty is earned like your net income
So, loyalty is really where your cheques is from
That means loyalty is bought, but your friends keep on
So what your friends ain’t loyal
Keep, keeping on

Honesty can’t be bought, that’s the wrecking ball
Cos, when it hits you that’s when the real comes on
Loyalty and yes-men go hand in hand
You keep your yes-men around like tools from a handy man
They putting you to sleep like the sandy man
Giving loyalty only when I’m a family man
That’s for the wife
Any other man we’d settle the score
Taking it serious would only cause a bloody war
Honestly, you get my honesty nothing more
Truly yours, always love

(Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same
Someone wise once said that
Or maybe someone foolish
Because what does it matter, the stuff of souls
In the face of coming home
In the face of ‘I’m here and always been there’
In the face of blood family, other family
And the feeling of all the others
Beside and behind you
Not to catch you if you fall
But to be sure you never do)

About Loyalty Vs Honesty

Album : God's Engineering (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Farida
Published : Apr 02 , 2020

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