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Higher Lyrics

Higher Lyrics by TEMS

Tell me why you're crying now. Kini big deal
When you gave me something I don't really feel
But you knew that already
When I found you on the ground you were dying
Now you come into my yard, uninvited
Can you see me on the edge, I'm enlightened

If the world was ending
Would you cry, or would come to get me
Tell now, I want you to be clear yeah
Tell me now, I need it to be clear yeah

I won't wait for you, for you
I won't wait for you
I won't wait for you

Get me
Can you put the time on a rewind yeah
Help me understand, can you tell me now
Why you made the war that we're fighting now

And you fall and you run
When you see my big guns
Run around, run away
As the rebel comes out

Then you call call on me
When you call me I come
But there you go again

With your deaf ears
Open your mind to the sound of the trumpet
What do want from a life of the hopeless
Now here you are and you're begging and crying
I want to fly yeah I flying
Till morning

Running away to the land of discovery
Running away from the suffering, I'm gone yeah
Running away from the darkness I'm out here

Higher than all the limits
Going way beyond the noise and feelings
When you speak all I can hear is silence
Turning back from from all the pain and violence

Big tunes, now it's big tunes I'm killing
Cry now from the side now, call my name
Fall down when you see me, you know that
You that I won't stay for you

I won't wait for you, for you
I won't wait for you
I won't wait for you

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About Higher

Album : For Broken Ears (EP)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : © 2020 Leading Vibe Ltd
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 26 , 2020

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