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Bites The Dust Lyrics

Bites The Dust Lyrics by SIMI

[Adekunle Gold AG BABY]
Ag baby is your baby
It’s 2am and you’re banging my door
Screaming my name and stomping the floor
Girl I gat neighbors pls don’t wake em up
You’re a such a guest liner
Stop acting up
Said I’ve been faithful
But you seemed unsure
Set me up with your friends
You’re insecure
I took your fucking bait
Now you’re surprised
Did this to yourself now you wanna cry
You know I couldn’t keep control
Was tipsy and I couldn’t let go
And that’s how the story unfold
You get what you ask for baby
I should I’ve never done it I know
But you’re the one responsible
So tell me baby
What do you mean that I fuck this up?
What do you mean I betrayed your trust?
I’m not the one, bite the dust

It’s 3am and I’m slamming your door
Why you have to disrespect me for
All I ever did was try but
All you ever do is lie
Oh you say that I set you up
Baby when you no be dog o
You could have said no
But all that it’s water under bridge now
Find somebody else to deceive now
It’s kinda hard to believe now
I ever fell for a boy like you
I deserve quality now
And you belong to the street now
Don’t be a fool tho
Coz I played myself
Boy When I played with you

What do you mean that I fucked this up?
Yeah you fucked this up
What you mean?
What do I mean?
Like you don’t know what’s up
But I’m not the one, bite the dust

4am shorty is still outside my door

What the fuck you take me for??

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About Bites The Dust

Album : Restless II (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Afrika Lyrics
Published : Oct 02 , 2020

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