English Translation For Nibariki by ROSE MUHANDO

I'm tired of suffering
  I'm tired of the trouble
  Father God I come to you
  Bless me with me
  Every day misery
  Every day crying
  Tears and sadness
  My colleagues are laughing at me
  When I get into trouble
  Father I come to you
  Bless me with me
  I'm tired of yearning for the good things of my colleagues
  And I come to you
  Bless me with me
  If it is a curse
  If it is the forces
  It came to pass on the cross
  Your word says
  Call me it will happen
  And I call you sir
  Bless me with me
  Bless me bless you bless me
  Bless me bless you touch me sir

  The neighbors are looking at me
  Others laugh at me
  Supposedly!  because of the trouble I have
  I have grown a freak passing by my colleagues
  I've grown up a joke myself
  My kids have problems
  My brothers are patriotic
  Jesus I come to you
  Remember me sir
  And I've grown up a believer
  And I'm waiting for you to come
  To you I humbly submit
  Bless me with me
  I'm tired of torturing dad
  I'm tired of it
  I'm tired of trouble
  Bless me sir
  Bless me bless me bless you sir
  Bless me bless you touch me sir

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About Nibariki

Album : Nibariki (Single),
Release Year : 2017
Added By: Trendy Sushi
Published: Mar 22 , 2020


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