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Africa (No Xenophobia) Lyrics

Africa (No Xenophobia) Lyrics by RAYVANNY

See whats going on don't be blind
Open your eyes now and your mind
We got the same colour, one kind
Love is everything we all need to find

We are the children mama Africa(Aaah Africa)
Stop burning and killing Africa(Aaah Africa)
Now my heart is crying for my Africa(Aaah Africa)
Baba Lord bless my Africa(Aaah Africa)

This day is one like no other
Its the day that we choose happiness and love
Because will make sure it never ends

We need serenity but not the storm
Don't use gun, no knife, no bomb
Humanity should be something we own
Don't call me foreigner, Africa is my home



You don't realize 
How badly you've been treated
Until someone comes along
And treats you the way you should be treated

People say, waliking on water is a miracle
But to me walking peacefully on earth'
Is the real miracle

If we don't end fight
Then fight will end us

Back in the days I remember Mandela said
People learn to hate 
And if they can learn to hate
They can be taught to love

Please say No to Xenophobia

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About Africa (No Xenophobia)

Album : Africa (no xenophobia) (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (c) 2019 Wasafi Records.
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Sep 05 , 2019

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