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Poltergeist Interlude Lyrics

Poltergeist Interlude Lyrics by PRIDDY UGLY

Yeah! Really there just ain't a rapper dope as I
Smoking on my dope then you're supposed to fly
Choke, you die
When you close both your eyes remember keep an open eye
Claiming you're the dopest guy, I hope you know you told a lie
Don't deny, go against I and you get poltergeist
You're really not alive, it's not a ghost disguised

Life's like being blindfolded and you rolling dice
The polar bite, flow so cool you think you're holding ice
Flow so cool you think you're holding ice
It don't go with hype

Niggas think it happened overnight
Rather be underrated than fucking overpriced
The focused type, recorded these vocals over Focusrite
If my ill flows don't kill you then COVID might
Treating instrumentals like an open mic

I stole the mic, I hold it tight
Flow too wavy like the ocean tides
I wrote these lines so that niggas got some quotes for life
(Go against I and you get poltergeist)

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About Poltergeist Interlude

Album : Soil (Album)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 30 , 2021

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