Pay Me Lyrics by PANAACHE

Omo ghetto dolowo Ahn..ahh
Nah why I Dey do my thingson GOD 

Soon dem go see my name on Board
Bad energy
Energy commot

From west to the east and south
Dem don feel my sound
Dem don feel my Many I felt down
Nah From trench we  blow one by one
Life nah turn by turn
I no go ever face again ..all the battles I won

Ano go fit seke ooo
Ano fit do Wetin no go pay me
And he Dey pain me ooo oo Gaga.
E Dey do me craze ooo.

Enta loshey leyi…ah ayaya…oh yo-yo
Oh yo yo 

Why you go vex me ,cos U Dey call nd I Dey busy
You Dey find me I dey find money
Person you Dey fear seff Dey fear person

A no go fit seke ooo
I no fit do Wetin no go pay me ooo
And e Dey pain me oo Gaga ooo
E Dey do me craze ooo.

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About Pay Me

Album : Pay Me (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Afrika Lyrics
Published : Jan 26 , 2022

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