English Translation For Malaika by NYASHINSKI

You are just like all the angels with their wings
They wanna be like you, you are unparalleled
It's you I choose, I'm blind to others
Oo my baby you're just like all the other angels and their wings they wanna be like you.
You're unparalleled, it's you I choose over others

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About Malaika

Album : Two Sides Of Nyashinski (Album),
Release Year : 2017
Added By: Aleesha
Published: Dec 02 , 2017


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Rich Eddie 2018-06-15 21:42:06

Hi Afrika Lyrics, I'm in love with this song would u please translate all the lyrics for me wanna dedicate this song to my girlfriend/fiancee to be. I love swahili but partially understand it. Please help some more.

Christine 2019-01-30 21:05:37

Love this song so much

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