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Feeling Lyrics by NASTY C

Yeah, okay, okay, okay, ayy (Eeey)
Damn, talk, hmm
Hmm (Yeah)
Ayy, ayy, yeah, damn, damn

Ayy, drama and stress
Chasing me down on a highway express
List of beggars, on my right and my left
List of beggars, living right in my texts

I'm getting all the money, not all the rest
I hope every single person that need me
Learn how to fly and jump out of they nest
Land on a blessing, let God do the rest

Ninety-nine problems and most of them real
Some of them really just all in my head
I'm letting go of happiness for a pill
I'm tryna find some happiness in a pill

Validation, is a drug
Even niggas following us, ayy
Tell 'em to follow they gut, ayy

I'm swimming in money 
'cause I never swam as a kid
And I thought I'd be dumb as a bitch
A house with a pool is a dream 
That I left in my bed
'Cause I wasn't supposed to be shit

Lucky for me, I was curious, y'all call it ADHD
'Til I decided to squeeze a thought
That I could one day be rich maybe
I be tryna tell 'em, I do not need no treatment
I just need for you to treat me like I'm human
Like we even, we equal
Breathing, feeling (Feeling, feeling)

Ayy, yeah, ayy
Touch down '97, ayy
February 11, ayy
God said, "Let there be motherfucker

That's gon' stand right up 
And ask some questions, ayy
Don't take no direction, ayy
Then make everybody else 
A sucker for attention, ayy
I don't walk on water, no

But some people praise me, ayy
Do I even like it? No
Do I really hate it? Ayy
I been going through it 
And the magic word is "Through"

Found myself in all the bullshit
Then I flushed the residue
Now a young nigga so driven
I got mileage for days
Life is pussy, pussy's good 
But sometimes it's okay
Yeah, sometimes it get average

I swear, haha, yeah

I be spittin' fire like a dragon
You a angry bird
Mad at my wings instead of your own
Hating on me and loving my clones
You hating my pics but mimic the pose

Throw me in the ditch
Then later realize you planted a rose
That's why I stay in a planet of my own
And I mind mine

Promise you, if I don't die a legend
I'ma die trying
I don't see no stop signs
Ain't no such on cloud nine
When y'all say the names of our legends
Y'all better shout mine

Everybody got an opinion
They wanna outline
Niggas made the worst of decisions
Then wanna doubt mine

Everything looks simple 
'Cause y'all looking from the outside
Go control your own blessings
Nigga, let me count mine

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About Feeling

Album : Zulu Man With Some Power (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Aug 27 , 2020

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