Sorry Lyrics by MUTHAKA

Did you find the letters that I wrote for you?
Or did you burn them, so they'd keep you warm
Did you see the flowers that I laid out for you?
Or did they die before you came back home
Did you hear the melodies that I sang for you?
Did they hit your ear just right?
And I'm blooming like a rose but with you
You make me a victim of my own thorns

Broken roses are, coming down again
Almost like they don't want me to be happy
Million voices are, yelling again
Almost like they don't, want me to hear clarity
Telling me, maybe

I should just move on, why should I explain myself
If you're not the one
Uncertainties, apologies
I'll never say
Though it breaks me every time, that I hear your name

I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry

Funny how the ones we love tear us apart
Funny how, the ones we keep and hope they will last
They make and break and escape
Leaving us to pick up the pieces oh
Funny how you left me all alone,
Funny how you blamed me for the way 
That I feel and expect me to still
Love you

I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry

I’m Sorry
I'll never hurt you again, 
I’m Sorry
I'll never leave you again
I’m Sorry
I couldn't love you

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About Sorry

Album : Sunshine (EP)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 04 , 2021

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