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Muhammad Ali Lyrics

Muhammad Ali Lyrics by KWAKU DMC

Young Muhammad Ali
Badman DMC
When I pull up with ma GanG Wob3 kas3 y3sua Tia chi

Me action kyen Jet Li
TrApKingKong you can See 
Dea y3 hye sumase 3y3 Me ne Abrafi me ne Akrasi
Magye TrAp mu Degree
TrAp house h) mey3 Trustee 
Woba street aa aha ,eb3 fa tes3 Banshee

Big Ups to Kassem 
Awudu ne Hakkim 
Me w) girls w) Ada,ebi w) Aburi,3bi w) Axim

When I pull up on them flex no y3 Extreme
22 miles away nso womo te meho Perfume
Swag with High Esteem
Break bread with the Team
Me ne Maafia d3m y3hwe de3n? Poki Film

S3 wohu me w) Wo Neighborhood 
Never try to act a Fool
We will show you what’s Good
Street light s) aa na Dum
Nkwasiade yey3 w) kwan no Ho
Kotifo) na 3ba na ya ye Fum

Then we Trap for the win
3 some with the Twin
Ma spotting Obaa w) as)re Wo no nti mesua Violin 

Mesua Shaolin 
Mixing Benylin 
Sunshine no y3 Filter me glow me skin

Through thick and Thin
Corned Beef, milk Tin
Me girl no using me ATM no dodo nti ma changing me Pin

Martin Luther King
Hwe mekomu Bling Bling
Mmaa ne hu me s3 the new pope tell them come and kiss the Ring

Tarzan with the Swing 
Chicken Tie Chicken Wing 
Wo trusting Wo girl no too much but she came me the Thing
Checking ne what’s app chat no 3y3 True 3y3 Gig
Me na medi ne k) saloon t) no eye lashes ne ne Wig

Y3di noama no afa Ship
Y3di k) TrekK) Trip
Obaa hemaa ma feeling Wo to no ooh what a Hip
Betway no ma winning,winning hwe checking Slip
Adwoa afre me w) FaceTime says she ready ready to Strip

Priscilla kano kware,Are you single or Taken
Nea woni mey3 eei dea Single Mom in the Making 
Woy3 sure s3 3y3 Real Wo organs eei won Faking
S3 Wob3 ba me Fie dea m3 sending momo no Shaking

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About Muhammad Ali

Album : Muhammad Ali (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jun 16 , 2021

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