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You don see where
Two women dey fight (Ogede)
Huh, na watin cause de fight (Ogede)
Premium type, Ogede

Ogede (Ogede) Ogede (Ogede)
Fumi lo roro je ka lo tin (Ogede)
Je ka lo she je kalo ko spin (Ogede)
Toba kpe meta gon mole bawon pin (Ogede)

Ogede (Ogede) Ogede (Ogede)
See I'm  taking fresh from  farm (Ogede)
Yeah I'm talking real confirm (Ogede)
The type that make you switch your plan (Ogede)

Ogede (Ogede) Ogede (Ogede)
You go need farmer wid dey plant (Ogede)
What is the reason for this drama
You dey act (Ogede)
Watin scatter the friendship before e start (Ogede)

Ogede (Ogede) Ogede (Ogede)
Uh she iwo onin sa ti won gbede (Ogede)
Kilo je ko wa tola lo le (Ogede)
She iwo aje tonto opakere (Ogede)

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About Ogede

Album : Ogede (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Jul 15 , 2020



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