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 Kid Lyric
Wagwan Conchenx day here so Boom

[VERSE 1 _Conchenx]
Got be focus, If you Rich
You known how heaven Feel His from Ghetto Side
Far awaay Distance, Memories.. Not Giving Up
High Voltage regulator Motivate
Boy Haffi Grind steady
Inner Head Mi Meditate WakeUp another day
Dey want me Dead. Mi celebrate Nor too worry
 Am not Holy. Memba me not a fake
 You Pray Down, wish mi Fail
I just pull up in your way Transaction Big Paper
 Keep to yourself what you Say

[VERSE 2_ Kid Lyric]
Mjita pola,I am never chilling on the corner
On my hustle everyday ke batla dolar
Ga kena le nako yao jola Bathi why ongena moto
I only got zaka ya borotho
Nothing is mahala in this world
If you want it then you gotta work for it

[ CHORUS _Kid Lyric ]
Sebenza, Sebenza, Sebenza
Faki spani Sebenza Sebenza Sebenza
Uzo thol imali

I am hustling for a better life
But without a gun or a knife
I'd rather work at a super market
Mak banda nami ngi zi tholel ijacket
We can see that education is free
But the cars and the clothes need a fee
I don't care about this clothes with a label
As long as I put food on the table
Bana ba ba tletse ka mehlolo
Bao rata ka letsatsi la mokgolo Ge zaka e fela ba nyamalala
Ba zo buya nge linye la malanga
Be careful daa ko jozi batlo o ropa,don't ever
Loose focus o ska flopa Go harder nja ya mama o ska stoper
Life is like a dice otlo popa

Sebenza, Sebenza, Sebenza
Faki spani Sebenza, Sebenza, Sebenza
Uzo thol imali


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About Sebenza

Album : Sebenza (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Added By : Nuthin Nice Media
Published : Sep 03 , 2019

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