Uh, I think it's time for me to sign out
Harder with all of your silly schemes
I swear you be blowing up my mind
Purpose I Was a fool, silly me!
It's over for me, mummy timeout
Your lies and cheating is killing me
You probably thought I would not find out
From now consider me your enemy (Iyeeeah!)

Uh, after-All That I Had done for you (you! You! You!)
I Had Given everything you, made you so comfortable
Goal You Would move behind my back
And When I Asked, you Said That You Did not
Its funny ' cause now I just wanna laugh
Thats if you think that you will be forgiven

Bitch is a hoe, I should know
(Bitch is a hoe, I shoulda know)

So bitch is a hoe, I shoulda know
You have some niggas blowing up your phone
Fuck if you was thinking cheating in my home
All the shit that you did when I was gone
Now i'mma teach you all lessons
That you know why you cannot fuck with Jones bitch!

Bitch you thought I wasn't gonna find out
That you out here was cheating
Now that I found out
Thought shawty you gonna have to beat it
(beat it)
Shawty just beat it (Beat it)
Shawty just beat it (Beat it)
Shawty just beat it, beat it
Shawty just beat it, beat it, beat it

So you and this niggas fucking right
Was the thought I was a sucker right?
You intended to make me suffer right?
Now I am about to take your fucking life

Turned you to a diva from a broke bitch
Funny a lot of these hoes switch
Thinking they will slide with the bull tricks
Who told you to (?)

Bitch you giving me a lot of pain
You thinking that am joking its not a game
I should'nt have let you inside my brain
Yuess you was screwed and I heard them saying
That all along you were a gold digger
Love isn't what you was searchig for
You was looking for old niggas
To give you money and Versace clothes

You knew I was a star,
So all the F-- was for the fame
Thats what you wanted, I guess you are happy
I was stupid to think you will love me the same
Fuck you was just mocking me
Why did I trust you?
When you was just acting as a TV commercial
You are a hoe game is perfect
You will die for your pre-pass
I wish I had known from the start you ain't worth it

Ooh gadmn I hate you
Don't even know why I had to date you
If you wanted out you will be the same so
Mama told me I should have replaced you

All that time I'm in the mood for
You (please)
Ooh you thought I was sorry (never)
You thought I was a nigga you would mess with (hahaha ...)
All that time I invested (damn)
All the little things you requested

Shawty I gave you everything
But still you had still to betray me like that

Why you have to do me like that
Damn, fuck


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About Beat It

Album : Testimony 1990 (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (c) 2019
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Mar 02 , 2019



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