Grind Lyrics by KARUN

Catch me with my head down workin
This ainʼt coming out until itʼs perfect
Donʼt propose a deal unless itʼs worth it
Iʼm supposed to kill it then we hearse it
Write, produce, perform it then rehearse it
Came for my flowers I will not return them
Never underestimate the vision
Ten years in it how could I forget it

I gotta motto, you know what it is
Always putting all money in
How you wanna eat when you wonʼt take hits
Gettin the bag involves so many risks
Came from a city where nothing much was different
Me and my team we were something to remember
Back in them days I would drop in
December Get out my way imma drop in the winter

No one ever taught me how to grind (Grind)
Leave it up to someone else
That would be a crime (Crime)
Cominʼ for my paper itʼs my time (Time)
Me Iʼm making my way up
Coming for whatʼs mine (Mine)

Keep it moving, 'nother day ends
Shake it off and we'll try that again yeah
Never wanna sit and wine, no
Don't let no one waste your time
Tunnel vision
Has it's place but
Don't get lost in your mind on the way, no

I won't even entertain no-
Homies sitting and complaining

Cos you know you gotta shine
Go 'head shine your light
Only got one life, yeah
Baby go put in the time
(You know you gotta put in the time)
Open up your mind
Energy aligned

No one ever taught me how to grind, grind
(No one ever taught me)
Leave it up to someone else that would be a crime, crime
(That would be a, that would be a crime)
Coming for my paper itʼs my time, time
(Baby its my time)
Me Iʼm making my way up
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Coming for whatʼs mine, mine

So if you donʼt respect the grind Iʼm asking you to stay in line
Donʼt need anybody else thatʼs gonna waste my time
Donʼt know if you understand this shit takes sacrifice
You didnʼt ask for my advice
But I ainʼt gotta say it twice- ooh


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About Grind

Album : Catch A Vibe (EP)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Mar 31 , 2021

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