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Bar for Bar Lyrics

Bar for Bar Lyrics by JODYE FANETO

Wanna go bar for bar? They now I'm doing that
Step on the mic we don't mumble rap
Hop on a beat Neevo know I'mma murder that
Flip me a pack Lutta know I get rid of that
That 9 to 5 man you know I ain't feeling that
Stay in the bando a young nigga habitat

Pig wanna know my connect I ain't answer that
Jodye don't talk to police I ain't Ratatat
I take over your block nigga fuck where you selling at
What you gon do man a man you can't handle that

Wouldn't do road if it wasn't for Awlisum
Brodie said don't keep a pack where you sleeping at
Toss me a pack if it's wack I ain't coming back
And if you pussy you know I'mma run with that
If it's a problem we might get you handicapped
We in the street little bro had to reroute
Internet boys man you lil niggaz actors
I know you ain't with the shit that you rap bout

You niggaz coochie you might need a transplant
Catch you sneak dissing you won't like the clapback
Not in the field you a studio trapper
Warming the bench like you Julian Draxler

Kuja na pressure might counterattack ya
Holding it down for the gang I'm an anchor
Game in a chokehold I aim for your jugular
Man a man know I be coming like Dracula
Little bit different they know I ain't regular

Jodye Finesse I ain't taking no prisoner
Hey did I say I ain't selling that regular
Looking for work you can pree on my cellular
Look in the mirror I see my competitor
Can not convince me that dem man is Similar

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About Bar for Bar

Album : Roadman Chronicles (EP)
Release Year : 2022
Copyright : (c) 2022
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Feb 05 , 2022



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