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Aeroplane no get e advert o for television
Cause the people when fit buy am
No fit sit just dey watch tv
Its PH and Warri

Why your eyes dey red
You don smoke again
Where Benz where your chain
You don broke again
Burna boy na your guy
Why you no sing with am
You be upcoming ?
Why tv no dey slam your jam
Why you build house for area why you no stay eko
Ewolewo oniovo wogbiwegho
Your followers for IG never reach 1M
Wetin be your problem, Emirate no solve them

Why no dey shoot videos like the Wizzy own
Or buy better motor like the Drizzy own
Work with David you no wan blow like A.D
We be your fans we need see you for TV steady
We love your tweet
But why you no like giveaway
Even if na 5, 5 k your woman never pay
No be you sing motivation, motivate us
If I continue we no go see where put chorus

I no be Jollof rice
I can't please everybody o
I no be Jollof rice
And I can't please everybody o
I no be Jollof rice
I can't please everybody o

I know my spag is another man poison
Another man belle is the other man toilet

Erigga no dey form sorry for me
I be your brother if na five millions run am for me
Why no dey pick my calls or reply Watsapp
I be your half sister o,  no dey behave like that

We hear say you come area
Why you no come visit
Papa dey vex
If e dey call your numbe deyr busy
No be so oh, na here all of us dey  grow
You blow finish no come dey regard us Oko
I no fool oh that year when I dey zuzzu
Many no gree look my sifacede I be pupu
No be Nunu if to say hope never die
Na him for dey here dey relate you real matters guy

If I open my side you wayrin play for Lagos
Erigga live matters go start, industry go burst
But look my life you dey see God handwork
E better pass blow , If I know wetin I dey talk
Real matter

I no be Jollof rice
I can't please everybody o
I no be Jollof rice
And I can't please everybody o
I no be Jollof rice
I can't please everybody o

My mama say e jesu gworu ki father
I no fit kill myself Oko turn powda
For my neck I need to celebrate myself
I don try even this fair this  never dey my shelf

No fit please everybody, you no be Jollof rice
Read your bible Peter loose guard Jesus Christ
Upon the way them tight reach e deny am trice
The reason I drop this song na make area for wise

Even this hush puppy matter make me understand
Say Na all man for self Tuface talk am naw
You like do giveaway from now till next year
The minute your hand cold, area go kpelebe
If I dey do for you no dey feel say wise
I no be fool,  naturally I nice
2020 na do for who ,do for you
And no Involve yourself
If dem no involve you

I know that my smile is another man man poison
Another man belle , be another man toilet



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About Jollof Rice

Album : Jollof Rice (Single)
Release Year : 2020
Added By : Afrika Lyrics
Published : Aug 19 , 2020

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