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Is It Though? (Interlude) Lyrics

Is It Though? (Interlude) Lyrics by EMMA CHERUTO

Just give me from the very start, yeah
I've always been the type, yeah
Who likes the type
That's kind of hard to find
That will always mean that I've got exclusive rights
And I'll always be the only one in your limelight

And that's fine with me
And maybe that time
When you lost your cool
You raised your fists
Forgot that words are the only battle tool
When you love someone
But you try, yeah you pick me up
You give me love
And that's fine with me

But everybody says that you're not good enough for me
That my heartstrings have been bent
And now they're too far out of key
But you're the one I love
And that's fine with me
That's fine with me

I like you better when I'm drunk
These days you're always taking things the wrong way
So you seem sweeter when I'm drunk
It takes me back to the fire that we had in the start
Oh yeah you still have my heart
I don't wanna lose us so I like you 
Better when I'm not paying attention

To the way you look at me when I don't seem to measure up
But at the end of it all
You still hold me, you still kiss me
You still love me, and that's fine with me
That feels fine with me

But everybody says 
That you're not good enough for me no
Can we take
Can we take that back?

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About Is It Though? (Interlude)

Album : Shift Happens (Album)
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 31 , 2021

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