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Big Time Sh'lappa Lyrics

Big Time Sh'lappa Lyrics by BLXCKIE

Yeah boi

Like I got two wheels on me, girl gon’ ride me like bike (Damn)
That’s how she sound when I pipe
She said her main nigga don’t do it right
Baby girl cannot get over me niggas gon’ test me, it’s over I’m stabbing his eye
Niggas can’t find me like Carmen San Diego, nigga I’m fire like coal in a braai
No competition, these niggas lame nigga I’m not impressed (Hey)
That little boy sent his song and I’m like “That’s my flow over there, you stole it bitch.”
They like my songs and I tell ‘em “Boy I put my soul over there, no cap no kizzy.”
Baby girl I just pulled up for the smashidy-smashy-smash-smash no kissing
I got that cash on me, I need more
And what they say ‘bout me? I’m the G.O.A.T
Niggas they hate on me, I’m like LOL
Khathele itheku manje ngisay’egoli
She call me daddy
I treat that fatty like a patty crabby
Damn it man I’m sorry I meant crabby patty
Damn it man I’m sorry your girl want me badly
‘Cause I got the formula
Big racks, big slatt, big name
Lean spill so I got a big stain
Ten toes I aint never switch lanes
Niggas lame really playing big games
Andale, andale, double up, double
You think you hot but you stuck in a bubble
Talk about drip but you just a lil puddle
Ayiyi bayiyi, fuck what you talking
I’m back on my bullshit, nigga ye
I’m in the building, te ma te
Ye ye ye ye
That only means the song that’s coming on gon’ be a hit
Flexing so much nigga look at my pecks
She asked if I wanted sloppy, I’m like yes
Fucked her too good now she telling her friends
Now I gotta start the whole process again
So she gon’ hit me up and tell me she want it
I told her hold up girl you don’t even know me
She said it doesn’t matter ‘cause she so lonely
She know me, she follow me and all my homies
She counted them, Leodeleo, Voltron, Soulkit, Brawley, Alone
And the rest of CIB but then she wanted me (Oh shit)
Keep on stacking man I never ever sleep
Boy whats happening? You niggas really weak
Metronome flow I never skip a beat
I was really close to sleeping on the streets
Check my phone all the songs by me
‘Cause these lil niggas songs make me sleep
I got the whole damn game on my feet
I’mma end it here so niggas can repeat

I got the ice around my neck so a nigga be boolin’, you know that I’m fah, fah, fah
Nigga you know that I’m drop top hot
Play with that bitch make her hopscotch for the cock
Put a red dot on a opp
Use his head as a mop
Like niggas can’t handle
Bitch I be lit like a Bic or a candle
I see you copy my moves like a stencil
Break yo ass off like the tip of a pencil
Fuck that shit, feel like a bag today or a bad lil bae
I need some ass and anime
Put that pussy in daddy’s face
I’mma make you cum that the way
How the fuck you want smoke with no ashtray
Like actually you little niggas ain’t half of me
Look I had enough with niggas, I’d rather chill with the bitches
‘Cause a niggas in they feeling everytime I hit a ceiling
I can’t help it if I’m winning, I’m the motherfucking nigga
And the only problem is like I’m only getting bigger
I dick her then I dip her
Chop your head off like a barber with the clipper
Nigga I ain’t dripping, I’m pissing
Nigga just listen, nigga it glisten different
Fuck around and get a nigga lit quick
Eat the whole game like a biscuit
Tell a lame nigga keep his distance
Talk on my name and you know what the risk is, big bitch
How the fuck I dropped out now I’m eating lobster?
No cap, now a nigga really living lekker, fucker
I could sucker punch ya, drop ya, dust ya
I don’t wanna drop man, I don’t wanna drop
‘Cause these niggas ain’t ready for what I offer
I eat the beats like magwinya and pasta
I smoke these niggas like I am a rasta
Deep in the pussy, I’m deep in the pool
I call a bad lil bitch up just to bool
I’m a dog but I go crazy like bull
Kobe I never miss when I’mma shoot
She gon’ fuck on me because of my jewels
Lately my confidence turned into cockiness
Isn’t it obvious you niggas hate
You wishing, you pray that I ain’t got no food on my plate
That’s why your bitch under my duvet
There’s so many stories you’ll never relate
Huh man, I’ve been the great
Ain’t no Metro, look I been the one boomin’
Man fuck what you think, I say that with my chest
Sometimes I feel like I ain’t no mortal human (Oh shit)
‘Cause I won’t stop until I leave with your flesh, nigga

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About Big Time Sh'lappa

Album : Big Time Sh'lappa (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Copyright : (c) 2021
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 13 , 2021

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