Girls Lyrics by WIZZY FLEX

Wizzy flex

Party don start all the girls wanna  clock in
Put it on  me love the way you whine it
Love the way your body whine love the way your body
shake it shake it love the way your body shake it
I love girls and I love the way dey whine it
dey put it on me making me honey
Girls girls girls
Ye ye ye  Girls

Its 6 clock baby girl it’s party time
let's go party like like the way we go oo
I love the way you shake that booty for me oo
My baby girl shake it for Me all night
I want us to party .baby girl I love the way you move o
The way you move make me go crazy
I know those girls that think am going fucking down
But I promise them I must reach the top now
Every shit I go is just to party all night
Feeling free that how my life go
Wizzy flex right you know the way we go
We go well fuckin fuckin well
Girls girls girls
Oooooo girls

Party all night long
Chilling in club with dema
Flexing all night long driving 450
Pull up in the benz my wrist is full of ice
Don't do shit I just party all night long ye
Girls I love when they body is shaking
They pull it on my make make me honey
Ye yeah girls

It dema dema dema dema
Party all night am feeling this vibes
Girls are moving right yeah
Feeling good am so good oooo
Girls girls
Party party party

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About Girls

Album : Girls (Single)
Release Year : 2021
Added By : Wizzy Flex
Published : Jul 27 , 2021

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