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I will be spending all of my day
I love you in a way
I will be spending all of my night
To my beautifull eyes Your beautifull eyes
My sweet love My love
Sweet love love love love love love 
Sijui nisemeje Siwezi kueleza
I know I know
I sound a lil crazy
ever since you came my way
my whole life has changed
and I do not regret this beautiful feeling of sweet love

and its a feeling in my heart feeling in my soul feeling me up from my head to my toe
siyo kama mapenzi ya kawaida
penzi siwezi kuelewa kabisa 2

mara kwa mara najipataa
penye ni wazi pasipo na mipaka
I drift away in this sweet sweet place
as I think of the way
I'll share with you my love


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About Yeye

Album : Yeye (Single)
Release Year : 2016
Copyright : ©2016
Added By : Trendy Sushi
Published : Feb 25 , 2020

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