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Judas The Rat Lyrics by VECTOR

See, I don't know about you
But I'm the only number 1 from the 234
Alaye, joor-joor-joor
I'm Seun Kuti when I'm smoking rappers
Whether white or brown, yea, I do spit raw
Alaye, joor-joor-joor

See, I don't know about you
But I'm the only number 1 from the 234
Alaye, joor-joor-joor
I'm Seun Kuti when I'm smoking (w)rappers
Whether white or brown, I really do spit raw
Alaye, joor-joor-joor

Jesse Jagz you're my buddy, I couldn't do this in a hurry
But the truth about your brother's been blurry
So sometime in this sermon
I'll say some uncomfortable facts
To show his fans, their GOAT is really a Rat
Let's start the lecture with a brace yourself
I know if you encountered you, you will hate yourself
Who are the rappers that I put on?
Many more, plus two out of your three
And I didn't sign anything, I did it all for free

Since you were scratching on the surface like you're DJ Lambo
How bout the guns we brought to help one become Rambo
The next one I did a feature with, trended years ago
Still mentioned it in a tweet, and it trended on the go

So what am I supposed to do? Sign a man I wouldn't sign?
I don't do politics music, leaving people suffering behind
The Yoruba people have a saying "Eni da'le lo ba'le lo"
M-'Bode is leaving with VisionScape, o ye ko ba'le lo

You call yourself a teacher but your students failed in real life
Your brother was such a gift you (w)rapped away from the light
I mean you claim helping people who are struggling to make it
Hmm .. Well, Jesse is struggling to make it

You dey Lagos, you dey floss, Chairman sir, you na boss
But your brother went from Lagos to Ondo, then to Jos
Choc City went down from all that fuckboy antics
The last I checked, Jesse was in a Choc Boy mansion

But since your Big Brother evicting him is part of the game
You didn't care about your father, the one you both share his name
[And now you tryna be my father, LOL, that's what he said
I'm sure everybody knows my father is dead

I mean, your father raised you in the way of the Lord
But we never see you acting in the way of the Lord
Is it the Lord's way to only act when you make gain?
How many rappers have you supported without making any gain?

Who spends money on rap events? I dare you to name a name
If it's not Hennessy, I dare you to name a name
I've given more rappers shine, than you ever will try
You had Hennessy before me, but you never could try

And I don't think that you're the government but your people love you
They fight my superior rap-self just for being above you
The least you could have done was lead in lending a voice
But you dey Lagos campaigning, shining teeth for Henny invoice

I've stopped judging success by the kind of money I make
Or the house that I build, or the rents that I pay
I think a successful man, is one who knows himself
That thinking is far from you 'cause it's top of the shelf

I know the day will come everyone you lifted will speak
People will know you lifted them to step on them to your peak
And how are you the only one surviving as an artist?
You signed a rapper for so long, I guess he's nothing but your artist

How you not confused? the whole story is wack
Think about it, the only light in the story is Blaq
You advertised your ass a lot, went to Abuja a lot
And came back with more money let that story be that

And what's my success in life? The answer is life
I look in the eyes of my daughter, and I'm thankful for life
And I'm a single father, making mistakes, learning of life
I had a fight with YSG, that shit is normal in life

Your girl broke with you? We thought she'd be your wife
You were the bitch in the relationship, the stories are right
You claim I treated YSG in a way that was false
I was the one who lost everything in my life but my pulse

Let's talk about CC, not your BB guest
Let's talk a little bit about some of your CC mess
You did your Emperor crazy, one of CC's best
Then, Brymo's exit ushered in the CC stress

I mean, Ice could really rap, he had your CC crest
And many artistes don fall sha, off your CC steps
CC was in the room, we guess CC left
Even the lounge could testify, it reads CCX

How much did you say again? 20 milli?
We all saw how you wasted 1 milli
I was confused when you said Michael, hihi
You don't know Michael, if you did you would've said Gidi

"Ode! Hello Gazamba, abeg, call Gidi ehn?
Tell am say that Next Life is beach party o
Say mooh run am o"

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About Judas The Rat

Album : Judas The Rat (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : (c) 2019
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : Oct 19 , 2019

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