Snakes Lyrics by TICE GREEK

Are they ready

Som ya be hating who I am
Som ya be judging for the shit that I earn
Some ya relate I never wants a record deal
Som ya be curving niggers just to pay the bill
Som ya be counting .every time as if it fune when I fail
The most intimidated person la sis is you
You aint got prove your lil loyalty is In you
I've head so many stories love is blind is true
God damn it Niggers play the victims need to lay low
I gave you niggers chance well he blew it be an asshole
She be fuck around .she tells the cops I’ve got a mo
I do now realise why you always hit my line
I've been around with snakes
 I've been around with fake friends
I've been around with family
I’ve been around with in heaven
I’ve been around with people who pretends who got your back
No now you know
They aint really got back
But I’m a kido
All my plans are creative and so evil
I got fans .and some people that I won’t even to lose
I Got chances, i always push my music to my limits. Funny facts
You fuckers playing gangster when ya in the booth
Everybody wanna die legends like puck
Everybody is fighting for to getting on top
Everybody wanna own a million of cars
Others lost the way then becoming like thugs
Soon as I get millions
I won't riding the bus. Soon as I be famous
I won’t party in puck
Soon as when you make it
Uhh please Strangers say what’s you say
Don’t say you my cuz
Yall never loved me I was raised from the dust
When I was nobody people laugh what I was
Now the table turns
I keep the circle when I rise Uhh tjohh ben ngangaz.

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About Snakes

Album : Snakes (Single)
Release Year : 2022
Added By : Tice Greek
Published : Oct 18 , 2022

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