Whipped Lyrics by TELLAMAN

[Verse 1:Tellaman]
I can love you better
Through the stormy weather
'Cause you're Petter Panned up
You're not landing, never

Have you ever felt this
Love so unselfish
Treating you like Brenda
Love you just like Elvis

I can take you so high
I can be your shelter
Thank God you're so kind
That's what they tell ya

I will treat you so right
Go and meet your elders
I can love you better
I can love you better baby

Oh darling, I wouldn't trade you for nothing
All the diamonds and gold don't mean nothing
It don't mean nothing without you girl
I need you in every way 
I swear your love gets me babe
All the money don't mean nothing to me
Don't meand nothing to me
I need you in every way 
I swear your love gets me babe
All the money don't mean nothing to me
Don't mean nothing to me

[Verse 2 Shekhinah]
See I won't let the money mess with my vision
Our collective memories not the richest there is
Just no concession for our connection boy
See you're my elective
And this love here is in session
See I need you for your direction
'Cause there's love in the air
I'm in love with the night
Take me into the sky


[Verse 3:Nasty C]
Why so thick, why so Godly
Why you like this
What you put on me
I should've told you this from the start, I admit
You gotta be patient with the God type shit
Why you don't prrr me, let's go on a date
I can be your knight on any given day
This shit is written in the stars so you can't ignore it
Meet me half way make a plan for your boy

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About Whipped

Album : Whipped (Single)
Release Year : 2019
Copyright : All rights to the owner
Added By : Huntyr Kelx
Published : May 13 , 2019

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