Ride by TANASHA DONNA Lyrics

Tanasha Donna ft Khaligraph Jones - Ride lyrics

Je te quiero tande
Boy your love is something
Boy you make me happy 
And for your love 
I will always be loyal

Je te quiero tande
And everytime am feeling down
You lift me off the ground

Your love is purified
I love you when you call me mine
Thank God I found you
Ni wewe pekee

Usiniache mwenzio..

[Khaligraph Jones]
I make - and get steet paid
They've recognised me cz am always--
Am on a level other rappers haven't reached at
Them ladies love me cz I always give them --
So break it  down I wanna see how your booty go
But watch your step, don't watch your step--

Am just ballin' mbona wathii wana chuki though
I said whatever na mimi bado sikufi roho
But if you got --
But you never heard a rapper from the lake side

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About this Song
Album : DonaTella EP/ Ride (EP),
Release Year : 2020
Copyright : (c) 2020
Added By: Huntyr Kelx
Published: Feb 03,2020
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